Daryl Burdon Ltd. offer a wide range of services within the marine environment. In general, our services can be split between research, teaching and consultancy. A summary of the services Daryl Burdon Ltd. currently offer is provided below, however please contact us to discuss how we may be able to meet your specific needs.

Marine Research

  • Delivery of marine natural and social science research contracts specialising in the fields of ecological economics, anthropogenic impacts, natural capital, ecosystem services, marine law and policy, and marine management.
  • Preparing and submitting collaborative tenders for large marine interdisciplinary research projects (e.g. H2020, Interreg, NERC, ESRC).
  • Project Management of interdisciplinary marine research projects.
  • Publication of marine research in international peer-reviewed journals.
  • Reviewing of marine research tenders and outputs (e.g. reports, papers).
  • Proof-reading of marine research reports.

Marine Teaching

  • Design and delivery of undergraduate and postgraduate lectures on a range of marine topics including: natural capital, ecosystem services and valuation; marine and environmental law and policy; threats and remedies in aquatic systems; marine environmental management.
  • Design and delivery of a range of seminars, workshops and field-trips for undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • Supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate research projects.
  • Marking and feedback of student essays, exams and theses.
  • Examination of MSc and PhD student theses.
  • Proof-reading of undergraduate and postgraduate research theses.

Marine Consultancy

  • Desk-based scientific reviews.
  • Collection, analysis and reporting of natural and social science primary data.
  • Development and application of natural capital and ecosystem service approaches to the marine, coastal and estuarine environment.
  • Design and facilitation of stakeholder engagement events including focus groups, workshops and meetings.
  • Facilitation of scientific conferences, workshops and meetings.
  • Chairing of scientific meetings and workshops.
  • Secretariat for scientific meetings and workshops.